Friday, January 18, 2013

26 Weeks!

DSC_0583 How far along: 26 Weeks!

Size of the baby: According to Baby Center, he or she weighs 1 2/3 pounds and measures 14 English hothouse cucumber. What the heck is that?

Total weight gain/loss: Didn’t weigh, but I go back to the doctor on Thursday so we’ll see then!

Maternity clothes: Oh yes. I have finally retired my pre-pregnancy jeans except for one pair. If you knew what size the ones I was still wearing were you would shoot me. Hee hee!

Stretch marks: Old one.

Sleep: Bless your heart if you disturb my slumber!

Best moment this week: Getting a good start on things for the nursery! If I could get by the paint store Hubby could get his part done! I don’t have much more to get….I think just a dust ruffle for the bed and a couple more “honey do’s”. I’ll be glad to have that done! Another best moment would be spending FOUR hours cleaning out Reece’s room this past weekend. She parted with A LOT of toys. Hubs also spent about that much time in Peyton’s room and will move on to Griffin’s next! It’s the great clean out at our house! AND I LOVE IT! So thankful my Lover Love helps me with these things!

Movement: Yea buddy!

Food cravings/aversions: Right now I’m still on the breakfast kick..AND peanut butter on graham crackers! YUMMMMM! And fruit still.

Gender: From the looks of things y’all think it’s a girl! ;)

Labor signs: NO, thankfully. But, I have started having Braxton-Hicks. This is usually about how far I am along when I start having them!

Belly button in or out: In, trying to flatten.

What I am looking forward to: Actually, what I’m looking forward to is happening right now because I cheated and scheduled this post! Josh and I are on a little baby moon! We needed one last getaway before some little someone is attached to me 24/7! We split the kids up between aunts and grandparents to give them some time apart too. The boys are SO mad about this. Of course they fight like brothers do so I thought it would be a good idea…now they can see how it would be if they didn’t have the other one!

I’m also looking forward to my doctor appointment on Thursday…glucose test and seeing how much longer he’s going to let me travel! I want to take the kids to the beach spring break but ummmmmmmm I’ll be like 36 weeks then. eeekkk!


Heather said...

New follower here :) your family is precious! Can't wait to watch your pregnancy progress... :)
I'm due with my second this July, so I love following other pregnancy blogs. :)

April said...

Hey Heather! Thanks for following along! I LOVE reading about other peoples' pregnancies too! :)