Friday, September 3, 2010

Bama Babies :)

Our precious little Bama Babies!


Over the weekend my parents, aunts and uncles started doing some cleaning out of my grandparents’ house. This picture of me was found…

me Uh huh that says 1/2 pound of M & M’s!!! GEEZE! No wonder I am SO addicted to Peanut M & M’s!!! Really, a 1/2 pound all to myself?? I even look like I was on a chocolate high! I was only about a year old too! haha!

I’m hoping our Labor Day weekend is WAY better than it was last year! Tonight we are going to watch my (not-so)little brother play football and we’re super excited about that! Tomorrow is game day..ROLL TIDE! That’s as far as I’ve come with the weekend planning! haha!


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