Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It’s official!

Hubby took the job at City #2! That’s the one that’s closer to home :) We are super excited!

He starts in about two weeks. Actually he starts the same day my jury duty starts…boo. I really don’t want to do the jury duty thing. I know it’s my civic duty blah blah blah. And if it was any other time then I would be excited. BUT, it’s the first of the month..which is my SUPER busy time at work. I mean I don’t even look up half the time when it’s that time of the month..BUSY! Griffin’s birthday party is that Saturday also so I’m sure there will be last minute things going on with that that I won’t be able to handle in a court room! Here’s to hoping I don’t get picked…

Oh and we almost bought a 3100 square foot house last week! How did I forget to mention that one? We could fit two of the house we’re in now in it easily!!! We’ve been thinking about building for a few months, we just haven’t found the right spot, plus we were waiting to see what happened with Josh’s job…then all of a sudden this house fell into our laps, so to speak. Of course it didn’t really fall into our laps! The house is in foreclosure like so many others right now, BUT it needs some work. When a house is foreclosed on it’s supposed to be winterized…well, apparently this one wasn’t and pipes burst last winter, along with the hot water heater that’s in the upstairs attic. ALL of the flooring is ruined…the carpet is mildewed and the hardwoods are all buckled. Plus, it’s about 10 years old and just needs some updating…which I would happily oblige! :) That’s my thing! There’s four bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, a HUGE kitchen, A HUGE LAUNDRY ROOM!!!, a massive den with a two story ceiling, two dining rooms…why anyone would need two is beyond me so that would be made into a fifth bedroom for another baby!!!!!!!!(thinking that will happen in about a year!) With all of that said, the bank that owns the house would need to significantly come down on the price of the house for us to be able to do all the work needed and last week they just weren’t ready to come down. So, we’ll wait it out and if it’s meant to be it will!

We really weren’t prepared yet anyway, we’ll need ALOT more furniture to fill that puppy up! Meanwhile, we’ll feel better when Officer Hubby is more settled in his new job before we decide where we’re gonna move next!

Life is so fabulous!


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Tiffany said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting!