Friday, February 10, 2012

GFG: Your Personal Gym!

I know y’all may be tired of hearing about the gym…but you have to understand that I have been living this place for the last 6 months! You have NO idea the little things that will pop up when you start a new business!

But it’s SO worth it.

First of all, we built this place dead in the middle of where that nasty tornado tore through our town. And it’s a great example of our city moving forward! Oh and GFG stands for God, Family, Gym. That should be your priorities, in that order.

Now THIS is a massage chair!

And one of everyone’s favorite spots…the rock wall!

For those of you too intimidated to stop by by yourself, we are having a grand opening on February 25th!!! 11-2. Come on by! We’ll give you the grand tour!

And I should note that I didn’t take these pictures, the guy that designed our website did! :)

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Nathan and Megan said...

That is INCREDIBLE! And the best part- the NAME! I love it! What a powerful witness to every single person that walks through your doors. I will be excited to hear how things go!