Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stupid Dogs

Last night was interesting. I got home and started my normal evening routine. I peered out the back door to check on the dogs. Molly was at the very back of the yard digging under the fence. So, I yelled for her to stop and she did. Then, I noticed that Daisy was missing. I called for her and here she comes under the fence! So, I gave her a good fussing and went back inside. Around 7:30ish, I checked on them again. Molly and Daisy were nowhere to be found! I called and called. They were gone. Hubby was at work, so here I go...loading up all three kiddos in the SUV to go and look for the girls. We rode around for about 15 minutes looking. I was very worried because Daisy does NOT know about cars and that they will run over her and all I could think about was driving up on her dead in the road. Our neighborhood is off of a very busy road on which people FLY while driving down it. Luckily, we ran into our neighbors Nick & Marcie who were walking their dogs. I rolled down the window and asked them to be on the look out. Nick told me he would get his four-wheeler and ride around to see if he could find them. I headed back home because at this point it was bedtime. I few minutes later I peeked out the back door and saw Nick waving his arms over the fence....he found them!!! The boys said,"YAY!!! Mr. Nick is our hero today!" I was so mad at the dogs, I put all three of them in the dog pen. They can stay in there for all I care. Isn't it funny how they know to dig on either the back side of the fence or the front side of the fence...they don't dig on the sides because the neighbors on both sides have fenced in backyards as well. Hefers.

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