Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yeah, so I am ticked....Bachelorette Update

Let me start out by saying that this post is PG-13. If you don't like cursing or if you are easily offended, don't even go any farther. There, you have been warned.

That little hussy. What the hell is she thinking? I mean..HELLO! She's gonna freeze her Georgia peaches off in Breckenridge or Breck as "they" call it. And what is up with them saying "rad" all the time? Oh and that dumb hand gesture. Grow up.

I almost got over the fact that she picked Jesse over Jason until the After the Final Rose show. This is where she waved her freakin ring all up in Jason's face. Now, that was totally uncalled for. Youtube does not have the video up yet, but when they do I will link it here.

Hopefully she will live Happily Ever After in her little tiny apartment with her snowboarder. Whatever.

I am sure that I will be adding more to this post as the day goes by...stay tuned.

1 comment :

Katie C said...

I'm giving you a big "Amen Sista" for this post. My thoughts exactly...and as a Georgia Peach, I can tell you: We're NOT meant to be in the snow!