Friday, July 18, 2008


Why do people INSIST on driving in the left lane and go s-l-o-w?
Why do people run red lights? I mean flat out run them, not those "accidental I could not stop" ones. Did you see the T-News the other day? Where the guy on the motorcycle was hit? My mom drove up on that wreck right after it happened...his upper body was facing down on the pavement, his lower body was facing up. That was not pretty.
Why do people drink and drive? Putting yourself behind the wheel drunk and taking an innocent life is not ok. Especially when you are not from this country, not that it is any better if you are from here. Yes, that was for Carolyn..I miss her today :( I am pretty pissed that she did not get to meet my little girl that she was counting down the days to see.
Why do people look you almost dead in the eye and still pull out in front of you and then on top of that drive slow?
Why do I have such bad road rage? Because of all the people that do the crap above.

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