Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yea, about that. It’s not going so well. She loves it and talks about it ALL THE TIME until we get there…then she freaks her freak. Seriously. The first day we pulled up in the parking lot she was screaming(happily) in the back seat, “BINASTICS! BINASTICS!!!” Then this week when we pulled up Josh was getting her out of her car seat and she said,”I excited!”

She’s fine until it’s time for her to go with her teachers. It’s because you sit in this playroom and the teachers come and get her from me….she hates strangers. She’s fine if she’s with me around strangers but with them taking her from me she can’t stand it…I don’t blame her. Last week she cried for about 10 minutes or so and then once she realized I was still there she was fine and did everything! This week she cried the entire time! They have windows so parents can watch. It came to the point this week where I couldn’t figure out if I should just leave her crying or if I should just go get her or if I could just stay with her. There were no parents who were out on the floor with their kids and I was unsure of the rules on that one. I did try to go to the front desk and seek advice…but there was no one there…so I just left her. And I wanted to cry myself because I knew she was so upset. :( boo. After class her teacher told me to just stay with her next week! :) I think she will be happy when that happens!

Her first ever gymnastics picture…..yep crying.


My other two favorite girls were perfect little angels! (sorry for the glare, this was taken behind a window)


First she jumped on the trampoline….DSC_0983 Then, she picked out a wedgie….hahahaha!DSC_0979 Next she did the balance beam…DSC_0988 And finally my favorite, the bars! That was her favorite for the night too, go figure!DSC_0993

Here’s to next week!!!!


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