Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy August!

We’ve got a super busy month! Reece started her new room at school today! I’m not worried at all. We’ve known her “new” teacher for what seems like forever. She had both Griffin and Peyton and now she has Miss Priss, the most girly girl on the planet. Almost everyday when I’m dropping her off or picking her up one of the teachers will stop me and tell me how they can’t believe she’s so girly since she has two big brothers. Only thing I can say is she’s just like me! Lucky girl! hahaha!

Tonight Josh has court and also tonight is The Bachelorette Finale! Word.

Tomorrow night we have a homeowner’s association meeting. Our subdivision is not even fully developed yet…grr. May get ugly.

Josh’s 10 Year Reunion is this weekend! Friday and Saturday! It should be lots of fun!

Sunday is Open House for the boys. We should find out this week who their teachers are..I’m nervous about that! I don’t know why…well I kinda do. I need Griffin to have a teacher like he had last year…who actually understood all about his ADHD self! And I need Peyton to have a teacher who gets him too!

Monday Reece starts “jinastics” with her Cousin E and her friend Addison! I can’t wait! My sister(in-law but not really!) and I are counting down the days! They are just too cute in their little leotards! And the same lady owns the gym that owned it when I took there when I was little so things have come full circle with that! :)

And Tuesday school starts! I think the boys are ready…I’m ready too. But, a second grader and a first grader??? Where did my babies go?? :(

That’s as far as I’ve gone on the calendar and that’s only a week! sheesh! Busy little family but I love EVERY minute of it!


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