Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You make me smile like the Sun!

I had every intention on posting pictures yesterday. But then I just got lazy. And after I started looking through the pictures I decided that most of them were not going on here! ha! We took about 75 pictures of the two of us and in 74 of them we were laughing so hard we were crying! Fun times!

We discovered a new restaurant, Calypso Joe’s. Super Yummy! We went twice. Like, sold out on going to Sea-n-Suds to go back! I’m telling you…yummo! We got Cuban Nachos as an appetizer both times and oh my word! They didn’t have a whole lot on them…just pork, cheese, and sour cream…I didn’t think they would be good with pork…ha ha ha. And I don’t like sour cream either! But they mix lime juice in with the sour cream and gee whiz. I could have stuck my face in the plate. Words can’t do it justice.

And just when we thought we found a new spot, Josh’s parents were down the week before we were and REALLY found our new spot! :) One side of the road was a bay and the other side of the road was the beach. It was gorgeous and there was all kinds of wildlife and exploring to do! Right up my ally! Oh and we were the ONLY people there. It was like having our own private beach.



Hermit Crabs!


This little joker was practically up on the beach!



It rained all around us but never got us!


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