Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday when I picked Reece up from school she was playing with her buddy, Lawson. Sweet Lawson looked up at me and said,”Her my gulfwend.” HUH?!

So, on the way home I wanted to see what Reece would say about that!

Me: Reece did you play with Lawson a lot today?

Reece: Yes ma’am!

Me: Is Lawson your boyfriend?

Reece: Yes ma’am!

Me(freakin my freak a little!): Oh really?!?! You don’t kiss Lawson do you?

Reece: Mommy! Yawson is my boyfwend. I kiss him on da yips!

OH MY WORD! Here’s to baby #4 being another boy!!!!! Please.

Hopefully when she IS old enough to date the patrol car in the driveway will be enough to scare the boys away!!! I sure hope so because Daddy was NOT so happy about the yip kissing!



Cherry Berry said...

That's sooo sweet!!! Too funny! I know Adam won't be happy if boys start kissing Grace on the yips either! Haha!
And when are y'all planning on having that baby #4??? Are you holding out on us???? ;-)

April said...

LOL...NO!! I would never hold out..hahaha! Y'all will know as soon as i pee on the stick!hahahaha! But seriously, it's gonna be a while...maybe once Josh starts his new job it will put us on our way! :)

Pretty-N-Pink Bowtique said...

That is too funny! That's exactly why Beau did not want a girl. lol. I'm gonna hate when she gets older or better yet, she's gonna hate when she gets older. :)