Monday, July 26, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen!

Josh and I had a fantastic weekend!! Let me just go ahead and say this…if you are trying to make the decision to go to the beach right now you should GO! There are plenty of places you can find that haven’t even seen oil. And how can you resist good food?!?!?! It’s not crowded and it’s paradise! GO!

Now back to me being a law abiding citizen.

We left late Friday afternoon. We decided I would drive down. I usually do…I love to drive down, I HATE to drive back! I ain’t gonna lie, it took me until about Thomasville to get chilled out! Once that happened, we were good to go. We got road food…you know, peanut M & M’s, gummy worms, pig skins, Mt. Dew, etc. I try not to speed too much, really I do. I’ve been on this trip so many times I know EXACTLY where I’ll get a ticket if I don’t slow down. Fast forward to Robertsdale. It’s about 30 minutes from the beach and the best speed trap I’ve ever seen in my ever lovin’ life! SMALLLLLL town. VERY easy to speed through and it’s worse because you’re so close to the beach and getting excited! We had only been in the car for 3 1/2 hours so that meant we were going make it down in about 4 hours! So we’re stopped at a traffic light(the one with all the flags for those of you who know!) and our conversation goes something like this….

ME: Babe, I really gotta pee!

Josh: Well, stop somewhere!

ME: No, I don’t like stopping when it’s dark and I don’t really know the area that well. Plus, I want to see how fast we can get there! Looks like it’s gonna be only 4 hours!(drive normally takes around 4 1/2)

And I proceeded to drive on my merry little way….UNTIL there were blue lights in my rear view mirror!

Heart sank…

ME: Babe, I’m getting pulled over!

Josh: OK.

ME: What do I do?

Josh: Pull over!

ME: Where?

Josh: Over in that parking lot would be best.

ME: NOOO, he’s gonna think I’m trying to run from him!! (this is SO freakin funny now! haha!)

Josh: well, ok.

So, I pulled over on a side street.

ME: Crap. Is he gonna know you are a cop?

Josh: No, give him my FOP card.(fraternal order of police)

ME: ok, is he gonna give me a ticket?

Josh: I don’t know, see what he says.

ME: OH CRAP! I’m goin to jail!

Officer Bill: Can I see your license?

I handed him my license, my proof of insurance and the fop card.

Officer Bill: You’re in law enforcement?!?

ME: No he is!(pointed to hubs)

Officer Bill: 51 in a 35!!!!

ME: I’m sorry!!!!(pouty lips)

Officer Bill to Josh: Some sort of cop talk I wasn’t listening.

Officer Bill: Where are you going?

ME: the beach.

Officer Bill: It’s still gonna be there when you get there!!!!

ME: I know, I’m sorry. (pouty lips again)

Now, you would think that with hubs being a cop and all I wouldn’t be nervous…I was shakin’ like a leaf on a tree!

Officer Bill: Well, slow down, k?

ME: ok, ok, ok.

And that my friends is how I got out of that speeding ticket because let me tell ya, you DON’T get out of speeding tickets in Robertsdale.

Thanks hubby!

I’ll post more on our trip tomorrow…with pictures and our new restaurant we found!


OH! and my stepbrothers girlfriend is auditioning for American Idol…she went through some auditions in New Orleans this past weekend and today she is auditioning in front of the judges to go to Cali!!!! So exciting!

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