Friday, July 2, 2010


If you haven’t heard the story, head over to Allison’s blog to read and see the pics!

When I got over to the other car to check on the driver I honestly thought she was dying! Right after the wreck Allison and I both glanced over where her car was and saw her slumped over the steering wheel. By the time I got to her she was laid back in between the driver and passenger seats. I didn’t want to touch so I yelled for her to wake up…she didn’t budge but I saw she was breathing. Luckily, some people stopped because I couldn’t stand there and watch her die. A man walked up and said he would stay with her. I ran back to get my sister and nephew out of the car just in case someone else wasn’t paying attention and rammed her car again. Once I knew they were fine, I walked back over to check on the other driver and she had come to. She was really upset and just kept saying, “I’m so sorry!” over and over and over. Then, once she realized Noah was in the car with us, she REALLY felt SO bad and starting just crying and crying! I tried to tell her he was fine but she was still upset. Even though it was her fault I still feel bad for her. I’m SURE she learned a lesson and has a headache still!

As for me, Al and Noah, we’re just peachy! Thank the Lord we were in that Expedition, because if we had been in her old car, we would not have been so lucky! We weren’t even really that sore…just had bad headaches!

And, y’all are gonna think I’m nuts but ever since we got those new cars I’ve have this gut feeling that one of us would wreck. Crazy I know, but so true!

I hope each and every one of you have a SAFE and happy 4th of July! It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays!



Cherry Berry said...

Hey, you are so NOT nuts for having that gut feeling!
And you know what I just realized while reading this... Mine and Grace's wreck was July 3rd last year. Is that not crazy how similar our wrecks are and they were almost exactly a year apart... AND we had a baby in the car... AND AND AND Noah and Grace had the same exact car seat!!! FREAKY!!!!!

April said...

Oh my!!! WEIRD!