Monday, July 12, 2010

Hodge Podge

I have got to get back to blogging! Just been in a funk I guess. I need to get back so that I won’t forget things like this past Friday night, for example. We were eating at Wing’s…just munching away on fried pickles when all of a sudden I knocked my entire glass of Mt. Dew over…most of the drink landed in my lap, the rest of it landed in my pickles :( And then I had to walk out of there looking like I peed in my pants! Thank goodness we had an awesome waitress! Here we are with three kids and the ADULT spills the drink.

I also need to not forget about Peyton stealing a pack of bubble gum on the way to or from-not sure which-the beach a few weeks ago and us not figuring it out for several days. Yep, the cops kid stole a pack of gum. Don’t think that’ll happen again.

I also need to remember that Peyton all but called me fat yesterday! I was playing Sims for the first time in forever because we got some sort of new version and I wanted to check it out. I was just sitting at the computer creating a character when Pey came up to me and said,”uhh mom, you are NOT that skinny!”

Excuse me while I go stick my finger down my throat!

Oh and Peyton also got clawed in the face by the cat a few weeks ago and we had to rush him to the doctor because it wouldn’t quit bleeding and almost had to be stitched up(or glued, it was RIGHT by his mouth!)

Let’s see….and that’s just Peyton’s news! I need to think on the other two, I’m sure they’ve done some things too! ha ha!


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