Monday, February 6, 2017

Two Months with Mia!

Wow! Two months already! After looking back at the "one month" post, I feel like we have made STRIDES in a short month! I didn't start these posts for myself but man, that helps me feel so much better! It's hard feeling like you are doing the same things over and over and not feeling like you are getting anywhere, but we are!

Food is still Mia's absolute favorite thing. She LOVES to eat. I did find a few things this month that she doesn't like and, just last night, she wouldn't eat dinner! We had hamburgers and I politely told her that she's an American now, she better learn to love them! haha! She is doing better with not eating anything and everything she can find. That's good because she's starting to realize that food is always close by and she'll never go hungry again! She's not doing the "grazing" thing she was before either, so that's good.

Sleep is MUCH better! She's still a light sleeper, but she sleeps all night. She's an early riser, but so am I so that's no big deal for us. We transitioned her out of our bed and into a pack n play since she slept so well in them in China. It's a win-win because if she wakes before I'm finished getting dressed in the morning she just stays put and quietly plays until I'm done!

Mia's English is improving! She understands everything we say to her! She also repeats everything! Have I mentioned she can already count to ten in English? We are also working on manners. Saying please, thank you, yes ma'am, etc. because there are NO manners in China. NONE. NONE. NONE. They don't form a line, they don't say "excuse me", they are unintentionally rude. It's just their culture.

Developmentally she's supposed to be a year behind but she's not! And Big Brother Brooks is making sure she gets all the way caught up. He's the SWEETEST. He will say to her, "Mia, say cow." "Now say, Moo, the cow says, Mooooo!" I LOVE IT! She's pretty much a typical two year old. I can't really think of anything she should be doing that she doesn't.

Attachment is still going well! She's more attached to Josh than she was a month ago! She knows how to work him. haha! She doesn't do well around crowds and strangers so that's good as far as attachment goes!!

I was finally able to take Mia outside to visit with the farm animals! She didn't think too much about them. I'll be glad when it stays warm outside and it's not almost dark when I get home from work in the evenings, she's going to learn that's one of momma's favorite spots! I think Tucker the pig was her favorite.

Mia still does really well when we take her places. I blogged about her first beach trip last weekend. As long as she doesn't have to sit in one place for more than a few minutes she's good!

In terms of Mia's health she is doing ok. This month we took her to a pediatric heart surgeon to have her two heart repairs checked out. He said they look good but did find a leak in her aortic valve that he is going to keep a check on. We also took her to her first "well check up" with our pediatrician. It was so nice not to have to drive an hour for an appointment. Dr. V was so happy to finally meet Mia and thinks she's doing really well. She got 5 shots to get her caught up to date. Thankfully the shots she received in China were kept up and we don't have to redo any of those! She received her second blood transfusion this month. It was hard, again. She goes back for more blood next week and then the next day she is getting a port. No more digging for veins and scaring them up!

That sums up our sweet girl for now!

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