Friday, March 7, 2014

Sisterly Love

If you know me and my sister, Allison, then you are going to love this! If you don’t know us then you should know that we are super close, we’re basically attached at the hip. Seriously…we are together A LOT. We’re BFF, business partners and basically I’ll cut you if you mess with her! ha! No, really. I love her to pieces and she’s one of my favorite people!

Well, we haven’t ALWAYS been this way. You see, we are five years apart in age and she drove me BAT CRAZY while we were growing up! She was annoying and pesky…and she does not deny this!

I’ve had this little gem since November 11, 1998! Every now and then I come across it and read it and CRY from laughing so hard!

img228 I’m sure glad that we grew close when we were finally grown and she’s not such a pest anymore!

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Leslie Lambert said...

HAHAHA!!! This is hilarious!!!