Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meet Foxy and Roxy!

Foxy and Roxy, our new baby pygmy goats!!


On Saturday, Hubby and I ventured over to the little town of Gordo and brought these babies home! I don’t have the best pictures YET and I don’t have bows on them YET because they are a little shy right now. But everyday they like us a little more so I’m sure in no time they will be sitting in our laps! 2014071295163703This is when they were checking out the chickens. Our coop is actually inside the goat pen so that we can let our chickens roam during the day. The goats like to go inside the chicken pen and jump around on top of the little coop that the silkies are in!2229_resized

Oh my word!!! They are SO CUTE!! AND FUN!!! We just thought chickens were fun!

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