Thursday, July 24, 2014

Brooks – 15 Months!

Brooks is now 15 MONTHS OLD!!!! Goodness gracious! IMG_20140722_071633

Just a little update about what he’s up to!

-He now has THREE teeth! That’s it…three! Two on bottom and one on top…little snaggle! He is cutting three more teeth right now so soon he will have plenty! He is completely eating table food and how he manages this I don’t really know without having many teeth but he has no problem. He wrapped up nursing right when he turned one and then starting eating ALL the food! He will eat his meal and then go around and eat off of everyone else’s plate in the house! He signs “more” and eats and eats and eats!

-He says dada ALL THE TIME, mama when he feels like it, tata(thank you), he waves and says bye bye, ball, he points his finger “no-no”, he says Uh-oh, he will follow commands…let’s go find daddy, where’s brother?, throw the ball, etc. I took him outside yesterday and the dogs started barking…he looked at them, put his finger to his lips and said, “shhh.”

-He started walking right at 12 months and now full blown runs everywhere. His mission in life is to get into the dogs water!

-He is pretty much staying at school all day now. Sometimes when I miss him extra I go get him early! I’m so thankful I can do that! He LOVES his teachers, especially Ms. Barbara!! When I drop him off in the mornings he runs to his crib, throws his pappy in it, kisses me and points for me to take him to Ms. Barbara! And then he waves bye! He’s like see ya! haha! Ms. Barbara gives him snacks! HA!

-He gives THE BEST sugar! Oh I love his kisses! He also blows kisses!

-He mostly sleeps with me! Sometimes it’s ON TOP of me with his arms around me like a monkey! He can sleep there forever! ;) IMG_20140601_062506 IMG_20140603_155810 First Summer Snow!IMG_20140603_152043Playing in the rain!IMG_20140528_162031Helping Mommy check on the chicks!IMG_20140527_193053Summer swim!IMG_20140526_150232I love my babies!IMG_20140511_094742Checking chickens again!IMG_20140430_192035Bossing at the gym!IMG_20140428_102319

Brooks is such a sweet little man! I don’t remember what it was like before we had him! Can he stay little forever?

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