Monday, August 4, 2014

Brooks’ New Class

First up, how about this bloggy makeover?!! Yay! Of course Leslie worked all of this magic by herself because I didn’t know what I wanted! Thanks friend! She also gave me all these snazzy buttons so you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and email. Just click and it will take you there! She also added pages at the top where you can find out more about me or contact us there as well! You can click on Sweetie Baby’s Designs on the very bottom right column to find her!

Today is the day for all the little kiddos to move up to the next class at Brooks’ school! It’s crazy to think he will turn TWO in this class!

I tried to get a few pictures of him this morning, but he doesn’t have time for me and my picture taking shenanigans so…he played with the cat instead!IMG_20140804_072345 20140804_070711_resized Stinker!

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