Friday, October 11, 2013

Pirate Baby

This morning before we came to work Brooks scratched himself in the eye. (YES, his nails are trimmed, he just happened to catch it just right.)  I know from experience that the eye usually heals quickly. (Griffin scratched Peyton in the eye when they were babies accidentally one night and by the time I got him to the doctor the next morning it was completely healed.) Once we got to work I could see the spot in his eye. As the morning went on he got fussier and fussier, he’s pretty much always a happy baby so I knew he was in pain. Tylenol didn’t help and well that’s pretty much all he can have at this age. I called the pediatrician and they wanted to see him right away. Only catch was we had to see the only doctor in the practice that I don’t care for. But, I knew he needed to be seen quick so off we went.

By the time we arrived at the doc’s office it was starting to swell and was red…

20131011_104353Breaks my heart. ;(

But after waiting an hour on the doctor we looked like this!!!


MUCH better! The doctor came in(I really tried to have a good attitude about it before I went since I already didn’t care for him) and of course he ticked me off right off the bat. “It looks fine. Doesn’t look like anything is wrong.”

Let me tell you something Mommas!!! NO ONE, no doctor, no nurse, no friend, no granny, NO ONE knows your baby/child like you do. YOU have intuition like no other and if you feel like something is wrong, you fight on!

So I did! ;)

I told him that I SAW a scratch and I KNEW it was there. Even though it wasn’t as visible as before to the naked eye. So. We, as in me, a nurse and the doc, had to hold my sweet baby down for like 20 minutes to numb his eye and put dye in it so that the doctor could look at it. And guess what…there is an abrasion. Well, no crap. He was very sweet to B while all this was going on though. I will give him that. We all three really just wanted to cry with him. Oh and he kept calling him “her'” but we’re all used to that at this point. HA!

And now we have a really special glowing eye! His tears glow, his snot is glowing, etc. HAHA! Bless it. We have to put a prescription gel in it for 5 days and put a patch on if we go outside! Oh, and we now weigh 18 pounds!

20131011_154147  Argh, mateys!


Lindsay Pavkovich said...

Let me guess who the ped was...last name rhymes with Reddit? LOL

April said...

LOL Wrong practice! Actually it rhymes with Schmarmer!!