Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Big Mama!

Happy 85th Birthday to one of my most favorite people EVER, BIG MAMA! If you’ve read here long or if you know me in real life…then you know who Big Mama is! I’m convinced she is THE sweetest, most kind, gentle hearted, Jesus loving woman on the planet! And funny, she’s SUPER funny! She comes by the office regularly to make sure we are busy working and most of the time she has us all in tears from laughter! You can also find her working out at the gym three days a week! BAM! Gosh I HEART HER! 20131008_113153photo My sister, Brooks and I took her to lunch at FIG. It was yummy! We also got her a cake from Celebrations. We usually don’t get her a cake because she is a diabetic, but you know what? SHE IS 85!!!! LET THE WOMAN EAT SOME CAKE! She said it was the first birthday cake she’s ever had!20131008_112956 She WILL have a cake every year from now on! AMEN!


Vanessa said...

Anytime you talk about her on your blog I just assume that she is like the women Ellen (Degeneres) called on her show. Her name is Gladys and she is a hilarious older woman. YouTube it!

April said...

Haha!!! Yes!