Friday, February 12, 2010

Kiddies meet Noah!

Last night we took the kids to meet Noah. They've been begging all week! When I got home from the hospital Tuesday night the boys actually thought I was bringing Allison and the baby home with me for some reason and were highly disappointed! As much as Reece has talked about "Woah" for the last several months, she wanted NOTHING to do with him last night! Would not hardly look at him! ha!

I on the other hand, could eat him up.....
He doesn't really like to have his picture taken!

When we left I was talking to the boys and asking them if they thought he was cute. Griffin yelled from the back of the car, "YES, I love that baby to DEATH! I had NO idea he was gonna be THAT cute!" ha!



Cherry Berry said...

That is so sweet! It's so funny to see how kids are around babies. You have a precious nephew! Baby fever is kicking in! LOL.

Whoz Your Doula said...

He is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations.