Monday, February 15, 2010


On Friday our entire city pretty much shut down because it snowed like an inch! ha! It never snows here and the roads were getting icy....and we don't know how to drive when that happens! I was happy to have extra time with my Valentine's!

Nothing like a good 'ole snowball fight :)


There are no snow pictures of Peyton Tyler because every one I have of him is of him crying because I caught him off guard and hit him with a snowball and well, he was pissed at me for a while. Yea, we're in THAT stage right now.
AND, my smallest Valentine!

She and Noah matched, but we failed to get a pic of them together! BUT she did hold him and kiss ALL.OVER.HIM. on Saturday! I think there were just too many people that she didn't know there on Thursday, so she loves him afterall! :)
ok, gotta go watch The Bachelor! wait, was that Gia topless...on tv? All righty then.