Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How it all began, part 4!

If you missed parts one, two and three....go here, here and here! I think this will pretty much sum up the birth stories!

Ladies that don't have kids yet, read with caution!

My pregnancy with Peyton was not so peachy. NOBODY told me that after you already have a baby, each pregnancy after that you have A LOT more aches and pains! I had trouble with my heart and ended up having to go to a heart doctor who couldn't find anything wrong. I know something was wrong because I would just be sitting or lying down and my heart would just start racing like it was about to pop out of my chest! It was crazy and scary!

When Griffin was 15 months old he had tubes put in his ears. That afternoon after his surgery I had my 38 week check up. Josh was in the academy at the time and really couldn't miss any class and Mom stayed at our house with Griff. I went to my appointment and Dr. R asked if I wanted to induce the next week. Of course I jumped at the chance. He left the room to call and schedule with the hospital. When he came back he told me that they didn't have any openings the next week but they had the next day if I wanted to do that! Ummmm, I said YES! (hind sight I would have said no, for the record!) Dr. R said that if I changed my mind to just call him that night and let him know. I told him that I would see him bright and early the next morning!

I raced home so excited and when I got there I came barreling through the door, "TOMORROW!!! We're having this baby tomorrow!" Mom and Josh didn't believe me! They really seriously thought that I was joking! We still hadn't even decided on a name yet!! I think I've blogged about that before....long story short, we thought we wanted to name him Peyton but were still undecided, I packed my baby name book and we actually picked out his full name while I was in labor. Of course I got exactly what I wanted! :)

The next morning we strolled into the hospital and got settled in a room. Labor was pretty uneventful. Around 3 or 4 it was time to push. I pushed and pushed and pushed for what seemed like forever and made no progress. It's not that I didn't know how to push because I had just done this 15 months before. I started to think that something wasn't right. Mom kept saying that she thought the baby was face up instead of face down like he should be. My nurse kept saying that no he wasn't. Ding dong she was SO wrong. I was getting worn out fast and Dr. R came in to check on me. We told him that we thought he was face up, he checked and baby was face up or sunny side up as some call it! Little did I know that sunny side up would make for a way more traumatic birth than I had had before. I had to have an episiotomy...which I felt him cut...hurt like I can't even tell you. Not sure why I felt it because I had an epidural and he numbed it. He had to basically shove the forceps in and turn the baby himself. And he had to use the vacuum. If I hadn't pushed so hard before we realized that he was indeed face up, I would have had to have a c-section. At 6:21pm, Peyton made his very grand entrance weighing in at 7 pounds 4 ounces and he was 21 1/4 inches long! So, in the end it was all worth it but it was no fun. And definitely NOT easy. Poor baby Peyton had a huge bruise on the top of his head for a few days. :( But he was still perfect to Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother Griffin!

Oh, and I forgot one little part! Allison was not allowed to stay in while I was pushing because I was afraid of what happened when I had Griff would happen again. She could come in periodically to be the mediator between us and the waiting room. The very last time she came in before he was born, remember I had been pushing FOREVER, she walked in the room and said, "Everybody sent me down here to get an update." I said not so nicely, "YOU TELL THEM THAT EVERYTHING IS THE EXACT SAME AS WHEN THEY SENT YOU DOWN HERE 15 MINUTES AGO AND I WILL LET THEM KNOW WHEN THE BABY GETS HERE!!!!" She ducked out of the room, she knew I wasn't yelling at her and she knew that I wanted her to tell them exactly what I said. And she did. And I still haven't lived it down! :)

HA HA HA! Things come flying out of your mouth when you are trying to have a baby!


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