Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How it all began, back it up!

As I was getting ready to write part four of this little series I realized that I left out a fun little story in part two, Griffin's birth!

I was 20 when Griffin was born so that would make Allison 15. At that point she wanted to be a nurse when she "grew up" and really wanted to be in the room when I delivered. I didn't mind at all, plus she had just started dating Brad and I thought it would be fantastic birth control. Or rather, don't have sex 'til you're way older control! ha!

Turns out that was a pretty good idea of mine!

As I was pushing Allison was holding one of my legs, Josh was holding the other, my mom was taking pictures and Josh's mom was helping me hold my head up!(told you I pushed for a long time!)

Sidenote: It may seem gross that my mom was taking pictures. At the time I was thinking, "What the heck is she doing taking pictures of this?!?!" But I am so glad that she did. I obviously couldn't see what was going on and it all happens so fast when the baby comes out. Afterwards I had those to look back on. It really is a beautiful thing when your child is born!

Anywho, back to Allison. I was pushing and pushing and pushing when all of a sudden I heard someone saying, "Are you ok? You need to sit down. Sit back here in this chair and I'll get you a cold rag." I looked up to see my wannabe nurse sister about to pass out, white as a ghost, eyes rolling back in her head!

I do not kid!

As her dream of being a nurse went flying out the window I continued to push, with one eye on her. I couldn't concentrate until she was ok. After a few minutes she was fine, but she wasn't about to be responsible for holding my leg anymore! LOL!

And that, my friends, is the reason that I just now got a nephew out of those two!

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