Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Not us. Thank the Lord! I guess Molly didn't get knocked up when they pulled the great escape after all!

Big Mama came by the office a couple of weeks ago and I wasn't there. She left a note on my desk saying that she had the two most beautiful little babies at home! Now, you should know that Big Mama is a LOVER of animals! Especially Chihuahuas and Dachshunds. She has three Chihuahuas and one Dachshund, or she did. Well, Chihuahuas don't normally have many babies and she thought when she left that morning that was all she was going to have.

And then she got back home where SIX babies greeted her! SIX!

She wants to keep them all. That would mean she would have TEN dogs! Now, you all know that I love Big Mama more than anything else but, I had to put my foot down! There is NO WAY she can keep and take care of THAT many dogs! That being said, I'm selling them for her!

There are three females and three males. I know that someone has claimed at least one of the females already. Selling them for around $150-$200. Let me know how many you want! :)


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Cherry Berry said...

I saw them on FB and oh. my. gosh. they are so cute!! I wish I could get one. I have been wanting a little dog for years!!!! *pouting*