Friday, March 12, 2010

Life Right Now...

VERY hectic, but we love it!

We are very busy bees. The boys started baseball practice last weekend. We are playing at the park close to our house this year(I don't want to say where but I want you family members to understand!) It appears that they both got on jam up great teams! I'm thankful for that! Two different teams this year...that's how it will fall every other year due to their ages! It makes it more hectic having double of everything but I think it's good for them to have their own teams and have their individual time!

Reece is about to start swim lessons. That girl is a total fish, she'll probably be swimming this year. Not even kidding you!

Allison came back to work on Monday, Noah in tow. THANK THE LORD. I was strung out around the office! The timing of her coming back couldn't have been better for me because the day she came back we got slammed with a whole bunch of new construction houses to build! YAY for that but, it makes me slammed just with my normal job! We also had several people move out of our rental houses and they needed to be turned....SO her job! I no likey! Noah loves sitting in his Auntie's lap all day. I'm his favorite! hee hee!


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Cherry Berry said...

I bet it is fun having him around all day!