Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Go Lucy Go!

Little people really melt me! I LOVE kids. Just in case you hadn’t noticed! If Josh and I could afford 50 kids, we’d be the next Duggar family…no doubt in my mind.

I came across this blog about 3 weeks ago. Sweet Lucy has brain cancer. She stays on my mind all the time. I think of how their life was “normal” just like mine…kids running around the house, baseball practice, gymnastics…every day life until one day when all of a sudden Lucy couldn’t walk or use the bathroom. In a day their lives were turned upside down out of nowhere. As a mom I can tell you that this is EVERY parents worst nightmare. I can not imagine having a sick baby and not being able to “fix” it.

You should visit Lucy’s Mom’s blog if you haven’t already and add her to your prayer list! Read back and you will be SHOCKED at all the things this little 5 year old baby girl has gone through in just a short 20-something days. You can click on her picture above and it will take you there!

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