Monday, March 28, 2011


I’ve wanted a Maltese for a LONG time. In fact, I was going to get Bella before Allison did but then changed my mind and we decided to have Reece instead!(best decision ever!) So I talked Allison into getting her! AND we bought her sister for my Mom!

My Mom already had one, she’s like 13 years old now, my grandfather has one…they’re everywhere in my family. They are just the best little dogs and they are hypoallergenic! No shedding whatsoever! They are also super smart and kid friendly!

Sooooooo, Allison’s groomer called her last week and told her she had someone who had a three year old female that is potty trained AND fixed for FREE! Her name is Daisy. My mom happened to be with Allison when the groomer called and my mom thought my granddad would want her. And he did. But no one was thinking about his 11 year old SPOILED FREAKIN’ ROTTEN Maltese(JJ) that he already has! So he took her and well, JJ was super jealous and Daisy would not mind! That really stressed Granddaddy out and he told mom to find her a home. Meanwhile I told Mom that I needed one. And she said that I should take Daisy. Sounded great but I had to talk to my boss, aka Officer Hubby!

I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was going to say no. I KNEW IT! So I had to make sure he was in a good mood, and that the timing was just right! bhahahahaha! This is really funny to me now, but this really was my thought process! Hubby is very laid back and easy going so I knew that if he knew I really wanted it he would let me get it. I bit the bullet and asked him..after chewing off every single nail I had. I told him it was completely up to him. He said, “I mean, I don’t want her.” So I said, “ok.” Then I just sat there watching him play on the computer and he said, “Well if you want her then get her!” I said, “OK” as I was running out the door. haha! I told him I was just going to run down to Granddaddy’s to see if I wanted her. He laughed and knew I’d be back with another dang dog! ha!

That makes 4 for those of you counting. One is his.

Here she is…


I mean, who COULD resist that sweet little face?!?!? She loves to cuddle and she slept with the boys last night, all on her own! They LOVED it!

I was a little worried about how Chippie would react because she is the Queen and always will be! She likes her too! So there.

And just when you thought you were done with this little story…there’s more!

After hubby got home from work this morning(the rest of us were already gone) he was sitting in the living room petting Daisy. She ran over to the front door and whined. So he thought she needed to potty. So he opened the door and out she went like a bat outta hell! GONE! He chased her barefoot in the rain around and around our neighborhood! He finally had to call me to come home from work and help him catch her! I went flying home and as I whipped it into the neighborhood I saw her running towards the entrance! I stopped and she ran from me!!!!Thankfully one of our neighbors stopped to help and she jumped in his car with him! I really don’t know what would have happened had she not done that!

Josh was SO SO mad! I would have been too. He literally chased her about 15 times around our neighborhood! So their relationship has gotten off to a rocky start! eek!

Hopefully that won’t happen again!

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