Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zulily, Part 2

If you didn’t see my first post read it first.

A few days after I sent the ugly email asking what the heck was going on I received an email stating my order had been shipped and it included a tracking number and stated that UPS would deliver my package…

I tried to track the package and the UPS website said that it wasn’t “trackable” yet and to wait 3 days and if it still wasn’t trackable then to contact the shipper…

so I PATIENTLY waited the three days and guess what!!!! Still not trackable!

Can you buuulllieve it???!

I emailed them and explained things AGAIN…

Then I got a little irritated and started doing a little digging and guess what I found out…

they gave me a freakin’ bogus tracking number!

Who’d a thunk it?!

Meanwhile I got an email back saying that they had to wait like 14 days to consider it lost in transit…


I was SO ticked at this point. Enough is enough. So I composed myself as much as possible and sent them an email back and told them that I WAS NOT waiting 14 days because they never shipped the dang thing in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRR!

I got an email the next day saying that they were “so sorry” and that I should see a refund in 3-5 business days…so I’m waiting on my refund!


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