Friday, April 17, 2009

Zoo pics...

Here are the zoo pics! Peyton's class went last week and Josh went with them...I wish I could have gone...but I had to work!

Zebra favorite! ha!

My cutie patootie!

How beautiful is he?!

I could really just pinch him! And sometimes I do!

Peyton and his BFF Baines!

Freak my freak!

And, no, she doesn't belong in the zoo(unless you consider our house a zoo, which...most of the time is!) but I couldn't resist her sweet face!
FYI - we don't keep the dogs in the house...they just come inside every now and then when I don't feel like sweeping up crumbs after supper!
Have I told you I love my new blog?!?!!?
If you read my sister's blog then you know that she and Brad are in Las Vegas which means....I have to manage property by myself--with the help of BB, of course. I no likey working without my sidekick! But, I sure hope they make me a niece or nephew while they are there! :)

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