Monday, April 27, 2009

Baseball Pics

My little pitchers are not belly itchers!

Getting some practice in!

My other child.

He's almost as tall as me! Notice the puppy peaking in the door?!

Sweet doggies!

Let me just say that after this game I am so glad we have not been blessed with twins! Sheesh! We couldn't even watch the game for Reece and Taelor Brooke trying to outdo one another! That added to the fact that for some crazy reason Reece didn't take a nap at school and you've got a recipe for a disaster! They were good girls though....they just weren't in the mood for baseball!
Now, onto doggie talk! We are in need of a name again! When the female dobie pups were smaller, we called them by the color of their collars. That way, we didn't get so attached by naming them! SO there was Pink, Purple and Green. Well, now that we've decided to keep Green, we can't keep calling her Green, that's dumb! So we need a name! Right now our dogs are ahem....Molly, Daisy, Ben, Sadie, Lola(grr) and Green! Lola is on the next flight outa here! She has been given chance after chance to behave and it's not happening! She jumps on Molly everytime she gets the chance and well, Molly is our first born! We got her right when we got married and so you don't mess with her!
Please let me know if you have any name suggestions!!!!

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