Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Confidence is EVERYTHING! Have you ever noticed? I really noticed last night while we were watching the boys play baseball. You see, we were dealt some sucky things this season. Not only were all the details of this post sucky, but none of the boys on our team(except for Peyton and one other little boy) had EVER played baseball before! So Josh had his work cut out for him. Not only did he have to help our boys perfect things, he had to teach all the others. Frustrating to say the least! We've had a few games so far and the team wasn't doing so hot. Finally, at practice last Friday something clicked and boy did that give them confidence! And at last night's game against the West Side Boys(that's not their name, I'm sure!) we kicked their booty! Our team was slugging the ball to the fence and playing the field like it was nobody's business! Needless to say, we won 7-1, with my little ones scoring 2-3 of those points! :) I must say that my absolute favorite part was when Griffin was on third and Peyton was up to bat. I gave him a mommy talk while he was on deck and told him to knock his brother in...and he did! :) Now they all have confidence and confidence is EVERYTHING!

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