Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shimmy Shimmy

Did you feel it? The earthquake? It happened around 5:15 this morning, apparently! Officer Hubby called me this morning to see if we felt it. He was in his patrol car just minding his own business when the car started shaking! He thought someone was actually shaking the car! A few minutes later dispatch called to ask him if he had fallen in the crack, and then he realized what had happened! It measured a 3.somethingorother....

Are you wondering why this post is in orange? It's because Stellan is in surgery right now. He likes orange and so in honor of him and to remind you to pray for him I decided to make it orange! His surgery is supposed to last around 3 hours or so. Just visit
Mckmama for the details...apparently Stellan had a rough night last night.

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