Monday, April 20, 2009

I missed the memo.....

Why are all these people putting their initials on their cars? I don't get it. Is it like when you go to school and you put your name on things so you don't get it mixed up? I'm confused! I don't get the RIP's either! That kind of creeps me out a little.

I just found out that our blog is going to have to be changed again....I'm kind of sad because I LOVE it right now, but I know Leslie will make it cute again! So stay tuned for that!

This post is full of randomness, I know! I'm so tired I can't even think! Reece woke up every 2 hours last night once's like having a newborn! And she is 16 months old today! Let me tell you other momma's that have kids that sleep really well.....don't brag, ever! My first two slept through the night pretty much from when they were like a month old! And now, let's just say that I think Reece may have slept through the night five times! Sheesh! I do secretly like getting up once a night with her though, because that is time with just me and her! And, I can call and check on Josh during that time too!


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South Family said...

My sister and me were just talking about the "In Memory" and Initials on cars today! I totally missed that memo too!