Thursday, April 23, 2009

A little funny for your Thursday!

I realized on my birthday(the 1st) that my driver's license was going to expire on the 9th of April. I made a mental note(haha!) and told myself to do it in the next few days. I didn't remember until the 17th! So, I was driving around with no license for several days. I headed off to the license office as soon as I realized it was expired and there was a huge line! So, did I stand there, heck no! I figured if I did get pulled over my Fraternal Order of Police license plate would help me! Josh threatened to give me a ticket(he would never do that!) and so I finally made it down there on the 20th!

A couple of days ago Griffin fell off of his Razor Scooter and scraped up his little elbow. :( He was picking at the scab on the way to school yesterday and so I said to him, "Griff, if I were you I wouldn't pick at that, it may start to bleed." With no hesitation he innocently said, "well, you're not!" I know it sounds kind of "smarty pants" when you read it on here...that wasn't how he meant it!

Mimi picked him up from school yesterday and he had gotten a happy face, but no sticker nose. He told her that he was doing "gooder". She told him that he should say better because gooder isn't a word. He told her that he didn't understand why everyone keeps telling him that because gooder is a word to him!

I talked with Griffin's teacher Mrs. Siemers at the ballpark the other night. I asked if she could get Peyton next year and she said that she thinks she can handle one more C(our last name). So, thankfully he'll start Kindergarten with the best teacher in that school! We love her! This is her 36th year of teaching! Yes, you read that right! She is going to teach for 2 more years and then retire so Baby Girl will have someone else.(Maybe Leslie?!?)

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Leslie Lambert said...

Mrs. Siemers is AWESOME! My brother had her years and years ago...she has been teaching for awhile. You got a good one :)

And I would be honored to teach Reece, but I've got to get a job the middle of proration! I picked a fine time to graduate!