Thursday, September 10, 2009

Against my Religion!

Most of you that know me in real life know that I rarely and I mean rarely EVER let my kids have caffeine. It's unhealthy and it makes them whack! Especially with Griff having ADHD, it makes him a complete jittery mess. So, we don't give it to them. But, every once in a while I give in beacuse I'm a mommy and that's what we do!

Yesterday on the way home Baby Girl and I stopped by Taco Casa. Best Mt. Dew on the planet! I've said it before but if you don't live around here I really do feel sorry for you...because it's likely you don't have a Casa Casa(in the words of Griff) around you! As it turned out, Reece REALLLLLYYYYY wanted my Mt. Dew, so I gave it to her! I think she's happy with it, how about you??!
She's serious about it too!

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Beverly said...

No, you did not!!! Ha! I can't say anything. Delsie woke around 6 one morning and said "momma, sic sic". I had to give her popsicle at 6 in the morning! No, she's not spoiled. But, you've done it now. Reece is going to be hooked as well!