Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy Woman Driver!

Sooooo, I kind of ran into a person with my car this morning.

Now that I have your full undivided attention, let me back up and start from the beginning!

Reece didn't sleep so well last night. So I'm tired. Very tired. I managed to get up, get dressed, get all the kiddos up and dressed and fed, feed the cat, kick the cat because she kept biting my leg(not really kick her, just push her with my leg) and make it out the door on time! That's big people! I left my cell phone in the car last night so as I was pulling out of the driveway I checked my messages and text messages. There was one from Allison at 8:30 pm saying that she almost passed out at her childbirth class! I called her to get the scoop and to check on her while driving the boys to school. As she is telling her story I/we noticed and dog standing on the side of the road. He looked sad and hungry. There was a big dully truck in front of us and he swerved his truck toward the dog and tried to run the poor thing over! Griffin screamed and I came really close to saying something to the man. The nerve!

All that just got me into a tizzy! After I dropped Reece off, I was stopped at a traffic light on campus. I was going to make a right turn(AND I was in the turn lane!). I was watching the traffic to my left waiting for my chance to go...well, the time came and I let off my brake and turned my head back to the right when BAM! I hit a guy. I just bumped him, but you know that scared him to death! I tried to apologize but he just kept walking, never even looked up! I guess he knew he should have not been walking so close to the cars and it was obvious that I was turning right. I still feel bad. Poor guy, he probably peed in his pants!



Cherish and Adam said...

That is hilarious...kinda! LOL! Poor guy...poor you! I probably would have freaked out if I had done that to someone! But if he just kept on walking and it didn't bother him, I'm sure it wasn't the first time for him....HA! Especially being on campus! I know I have been tempted to ram some of those kids before!

Beverly said...

Holy crap! I swear you and Josh seem to have the worst luck when ya'll drive! But it sounds like it was his fault anyway!

South Family said...

OMG! Now THAT sounds like a fabulous morning!! HAHAHA! Atleast you can laugh about it now! :-)