Monday, September 28, 2009

Roll Tide, Baby! Roll Tide!

Want to know what 90,000+ dedicated fans look like?? Drowned rats. That's what we looked like! :) To say that Josh and I got soaked on our way to the game would be an understatement! But we weren't the only ones and it was SO worth it! We had a blast. We had perfect seats. It stopped raining just before the game started. AND, we rolled all over those hogs!
A few pre-game shots:
And....then we were soaked! So much for cute hair!
Just before the game we were standing inside the stadium out of the rain eating a snack when Josh looked at me like I was about to be freaked about something. He glanced at the door we were standing by...I looked up and saw this...
Ahhh...I'm telling you, they follow me just to freak my freak! The green one was about 3 inches long and the other two were about two inches. Oh my heavens! And I couldn't really freak out because there were people everywhere! Eww!
Just in case you missed the final score.....
Yep, I think THAT'S a spanking!

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