Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Round Two

As it turns out, my measly two hour visit with Peyton to the doctor was cake compared to the 4 hours that Josh had with Griffin at the doctor! Same diagnosis. Same shot. But, apparently Griffin's shot hurt worse. Actually, he's just REALLY dramatic!

Josh had been up for 27 hours by the time they got home from the doctor. Have I mentioned that he is the best?? Needless to say, he crashed when he got home! About 4 hours after Griff got the shot I asked him to see where he got it. Well, there were about 4-5 little bug bite looking spots around it. So I thought he must be having some type of reaction to it. I called the doctor's office and after about 20 minutes they told me I was right and to just watch it. No more penicillin for him!

Supposedly if you are under the age of 2 you can't get strep throat. We are SOOOOOOO putting that theory to the test right now!


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Brooke said...

Girl I am deathly allergic to all sporins. So make sure you tell the drs from now on about that allergic reaction because they might try to give him a different name med but in the sporin family next time and he could have same/worst or no reaction but it's not worth chancing it!