Friday, September 4, 2009

Ready to Roll with the Tide!

I love football season. It's fun to live in a college town where everything revolves around Alabama Football! Well, I say it's fun, let me rephrase and say mostly fun! The traffic and everything being crowded is not so much fun! It's this time of year that makes me thankful that Josh is no longer with TPD. He used to have to work terrible hours on home game weekends! If you see a cop at a home game, be nice to him or her! More than likely they've been at work since the day before!

Here are our future football players and cheerleader this morning! AND Kitty Angel, I hope she doesn't freak her freak when I start yelling at the TV during the game! :)
And here are us Bama girls at work today!
That's me, Mom, Pregnant Allison and Kim!
Have a fabulous weekend! Roll Tide!

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Cherish and Adam said...

Maybe one day I'll get into the whole football thing! I've been to a few games years ago, and I loved it, but I don't know a thing about football. LOL. Roll Tide anyway! Cute pic of the kiddos!