Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's in a name?

Part of Peyton's homework last night was to talk with me and Josh and find out what his name meant, why he was named Peyton and something else but I forgot.

My heart sank when I read the assignment! Oh my! Do I tell him that we were still trying to name him while I was in labor????? Screeech! I can't tell him that, he'll think we didn't want him or something!

But really. We had a very hard time agreeing on his name. I don't know if it was because we had just and I mean just had Griffin or what but we couldn't seem to agree on ANYTHING! I had the baby name book with me when we checked into the hospital. NO, I'm not kidding! We finally decided to name him Joshua Peyton and call him Peyton. But I really wanted his first name to be what he went by(which is funny because we did that to Reece!) and Josh really liked the name Tyson. Yuck! All I can relate that too is Mike Tyson. Yuck, and um no. Not my child! So then we named him Peyton Tyler! For real, that's his name. But I really don't want to tell him that little story until he's older! For those of you who are pregnant and haven't decided on a name yet, doing it while you are in labor is the way to go, the hubby WILL NOT tell you no to anything! Works out perfect! ha ha!

So I dodged that question and looked up what his name means on the internet:

Peyton means Peacock Town.

WHAT?!?!? Now we've named him after some stupid town? Sigh.

And, for the record:

Griffin means Prince or Mythical God. (heck no, not telling him that! He really will think he's the king!)

Reece means enthusiastic! Very fitting!

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Brooke said...

LOVE it! I so almost thought about doing that bc Rob and I could not agree and since I despised the name Taylor but I gave in! Next go round if I do not get the name I want Im trying that :)