Monday, May 11, 2009

Freak my freak, take 957!

First of all, I would like to give a shout out to my mom! I love you so dearly and I am SO blessed to have a best friend in you! I meant to include this in my post yesterday but you know, I was freaked about the allergic reaction stuff and I forgot!

Now, I said that I would post about our lovely Friday night as well. But, I will tell you that I am sitting here cringing just thinking about it!! ...cue those hibbie jibbies!.... We got home from the ballpark and were doing our normal thing getting all the kiddos out of the car when I heard my honey bunny say, "Well dang!" "What is it?" I asked as I jumped out of my car(yes I said know I'm short and that Expedition is way taller!) "Come look!" As I approached what was there my heart started to pound.....
Ahhhhhhhh...freak my freakity freakkkkkkk!
He apparently was trying to get in or out of our garage when Josh was leaving and he (or maybe it was a she) got squished in the garage door! We walk by that very same spot 8,000 times a day and lemme tell ya I would have PASSED OUT had it been alive when I walked by!

I plan to jump back on the wagon with Not Me Monday's that'll be a little later!

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