Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You gotta love a Cop's kid!

Yesterday on my way to pick up Peyton and Reece from preschool I noticed in a parking lot of a local restaurant a car with its doors flung open and three or four patrol cars around it and only one police officer standing there. Obviously someone tried to make a traffic stop and the gangsta bailed on them and they were on foot running somewhere. So I hurried on to get the kids so Peyton could see all the patrol cars.('cause you know he wants to be a police officer just like his daddy!) When I came back by they were still there---are you ready to pee in your pants?!?

Me: Look over there at all those police cars buddy!
Peyton with NO hesitation: Yep, that's exactly why we don't throw trash out the car window!

I laughed so hard I cried!

My friend Donna is making some fun purses for you girls that live around here---and are Alabama fans! The most fabulous team EVA! Can I get a Roll Tide?!
There are TONS of inside pockets and the pockets are made from the "A" material-if you know what I mean! This can easily double as a diaper bag too! She is selling them for $45, which is way cheaper than anything else houndstooth! Let me know if you want one!
Oh, and our ball game got rained out yesterday and moved to Thursday...which means that we won't be playing Friday, so we can head to the beach early!!!! YAY!

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