Friday, May 22, 2009

Griffin's A Kindergarten Grad!

Today was G-Man's Kindergarten Graduation! And, I have you know, I DID NOT shed one tear! Can you believe it?? I'm so proud of myself and our sweet little man! The school year went by so fast. I am so thankful that my child had the best teacher in that school, Mrs. Siemers.(AND that she will teach Peyton next year!) This was her 36th year of teaching and there is not anything she hasn't seen or dealt with. She was so caring and helpful to us in getting Griffin the help he needs as far as his ADHD. Boy have we seen changes in that child since he was diagnosed! I will be forever grateful to her, we love her so much!

Side note: We were told today that the school that G attends has more Kindergarteners than any other school in the state! They had to have two separate ceremonies today!

First day of Kindergarten.....


Siemers' Superstars!

1/2 of the Kindergarteners!

G and some of his friends, that's my BF Tyler on the right! hee hee!

Me and my sweet baby boy!

Two of my fav boys!

Granna and Griffin

Aunt Katie K. and Griffin

Auntie Allison and G-man

Mimi, Pop and G

Griff and PawPaw, can you tell someone was tired of pics?!

Us with our graduate



The Groves' said...

i know you gotta be proud!! and btw, i love the purple shirt and tie (purple is my fav color)! he looks very handsome!

Lamberts Lately... said...

Aww, this is so sweet! I wanted to be there to see my kids, but our cruise was extended at the last minute and I couldn't go. It looks like it was fun!