Thursday, May 21, 2009

This, That & The Other

That was for you, Mom! HA!

I will start this post by fore-warning you that it is another one of my random ones! And, it's a long one!

First I would like to say that I am SO disappointed in these police officers! Morons like that give the good cops like mine a bad reputation! I'm sure their adrenaline was going and it was going extra because the dude hit one of the officers with his car...when you mess with a fellow officer, you are SO playing with fire! That is still no reason for the brutal beating. Ugh.

I have a new drink addiction.....

Yep, Mt. Dew Voltage. LOVE IT! If you haven't tried it, don't think "Mt. Dew" when you drink it...think "totally new drink"! If you think regular Mt. Dew, you most likely won't like it!

Josh and Peyton went to the McWane Center yesterday with Peyton's class. They had a blast but boy were they tired! Sheesh! Josh ended up being resposible for half the kids and they drove him nuts!

Can I just say that I am SO excited that Kris Allen won American Idol?! He is so dang cute!

Remember this post talking about my grandparents? Well, the truth is, I have more! No kidding! How, you ask, does a girl have so many grandparents/parents??? Lemme just say that that is a whole entire other post in itself. A very complicated story, to say the least! Put it this way...Griffin was asking questions the other day about alllll his grandparents and was trying to hard to put everyone with who they go with or used to go with....Josh said, "Don't worry about it buddy, even I don't get it all!" ha! So maybe one day, I will do a post on that one! Anywho, my grandparents from Texas were here for a week a few weeks ago and here's the pics! PawPaw and the boys aren't in any of them because they snuck off to Wendy's for a frosty!

Bella McMichael

Sophie getting a belly rub!

The Baby Makers....

It's fun to sit on Daddy's head!

Eat her?

Sweet Sophie face!

Now, I'll tell ya about a little bit of trouble I got in with my officer! Griffin graduates tomorrow.(And when I dropped him off at school this morning for the last day of Kindergarten, I thought I was going to have a freakin' heart attack!) And so we were going to buy him a cute new outfit for graduation. We were going to go together---yea like all five of us, but then we used our brain and decided that that was just dumb! We decided that I would go and Josh would stay home with the other two. Well, Griff and I found a really cute light purple shirt and a really pretty light purple tie to match! And it was SO CUTE on him! And then I thought, "hmmm...ya best bet is to call the hubby and make sure you aren't going to get in trouble for purple!" And so I did, and he didn't answer. So, I bought them and we headed home. On the ride home I called again just to be sure everything was ok. This time he answered and here is the conversation:
Sweet little 'ole me: "Are you going to kill me if I tell you that I bought a purple shirt and a purple tie?"
Hunny Bunny: "You're kidding. Right?"
Me: "No. It's cute!"
Hunny Bunny: "That's exactly why I wanted to go, so you wouldn't buy anything girly!"
Me: "I don't buy the boys girly clothes!"
Hunny Bunny: "um, yes you do. You bought Peyton that purple shirt and a pink polo shirt."
Me: "Real men wear pink." HA and no I didn't say that to my hubby! But, for the record Peyton's purple shirt is dark purple and boyish.

So, there you have it! A tid bit of what's been going on this week!

And because I couldn't resist....

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