Monday, May 4, 2009


Forgive me if I fall asleep while writing this.......zzzzzzz.......I am not joking! I am so tired. My sweet baby girl does NOT sleep. Ever. I don't understand. We have not done anything different with her than we did with the boys. Nothing, except breastfeed alot longer. I don't know. Maybe she just got so used to waking up in the night and nursing...???? She was 8 months old when she stopped breastfeeding, which was 8 months ago....????zzzzzzz.....I just don't know. And before you even think about leaving me a comment telling me to let her "cry it out" let me go ahead and stop you because that is just going to piss me off! I have never and will never let one of my babies cry it out. That is the most lazy excuse to me. If your baby is crying, see what the problem is! Now, if she was having trouble going to sleep, that would be a different story, I can see putting her in her bed and letting her cry for a few minutes until she falls asleep. That is not what she is doing. She's just waking up and wanting her "miik" or her diaper changed. The problem lies where she just wants to stay up. Sometimes she goes right back to sleep. But then there are those nights like last night when she just didn't want to sleep!Zzzzzzzz... I really wanted to do the kitchen tour at Kelly's Korner and show you all my cute purple kitchen...but I'm too lazy....maybe later!

Anywho.....did you remember what yesterday was??? How could you forget???? That's right...first Sunday in May. Every. Single. Year. The C Family Reunion! It's not so bad. Really. Other than the fact that my fabulous homeade mac and cheese was dang soupy! What the crap???? It obviously was still good though...because it was gone. Fast. My favorite sister in law took some pics and she is going to email them to me, so I will post them when she has the chance to send them to me!

I'm off to my Mother's Day Tea with Peyton! YAY! So fun!


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