Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Circle of Life....

...sucks! Just down right sucks! My Maw Maw E. is not doing so hot and is in ICU again. Really. She is tired, her body is tired. I'm sad and selfish. I can get pregnant from just looking at my husband and my sister can't get pregnant so easy. Why? Why? Why? It should be just as easy for her. All this other 'in between" stuff in life is good, real good...but when someone you love is passing away and someone you love can't make new life it SUCKS! Sucky sucky as sucky can be sucks. I know my grandmother is tired and misses my grandfather blah, blah, blah...but, like I said, I'm selfish and I need to get over it. And I will, I just need a minute.

Enough on that! Laugh as much as you want sister, but I am starting a recipe blog! Not today, but soon. I am going to go ahead and put a recipe on here today though! Allison makes fun because she is jealous, I guess! Sister never cooks...anything! Well, except for Bagel Bites and Ramon Noodles. No, really, she doesn't and she WILL be the first to tell you that she doesn't cook! But, I, however do cook! That's where the new blog comes in. My Mom is a fabulous cook so most of my recipes are stolen from her! Maybe I can get her to post some on the recipe blog too! I like to bake a little more than she does, so the sweet ones will come from me. (and not just because I AM the sweet one! ha!)

This recipe is for a chicken dip..it doesn't really have a name so call it what you want! Everyone loves it and anytime I take it anywhere everyone wants the recipe!

Here are your ingredients:
1 large can of white meat chicken breast drained
1 pack of powdered ranch dressing
1 block of cream cheese softened
And, you'll need some sort of crackers to dip, I like Club Crackers.

Empty your chicken into a bowl and mash it up like this:
Then you just add in your cream cheese and ranch and mix it all up!(I know these pics aren't that great, but Reece kept climbing on the coffee table while I was trying to do this and Josh was in court!)
Now, it's ready to eat if you're just gonna eat it at home! If you are taking it somewhere, ball the mixture up, wrap it in aluminum foil and refrigerate it overnight! It serves kind of like a cheese ball or something. And it's always better the next day! Oh, and I mix it with a fork, it's easier that way!


Allison said...

It's the CIIIIIIRRRCCLLLEEE of LIIIIFFFEEE. :o) Bring that chicken dip to work tomorrow! It looks yummy SISTER. Like I'm a nun or something!

Heather said...

I will definitely be trying the chicken dip. It sounds yummy!

Brooke said...
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