Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reece Said…

On this past Saturday after nap, Reece and I were craving hamburgers and ice cream! So we ran to the grocery store to get everything we needed! She has this little ceramic cell phone that she made with my sister, Kelsie, at All Fired Up that she carries around with her a lot and she had it with her. She was in charge of pushing the cart. I was walking ahead of her when she said, “Stop for a sec. I have a text message.” So, I stopped so she could check it. Then she said, “It was Lawson.” So I asked her what he said. “He said I love you Reecie. Will you marry me? I’ll buy you a pink and purple ring!”


She knows what’s up!

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Jenna said...

LOL! This is TOO cute..she is so funny!