Friday, May 18, 2012

10 Fabulous Years!

Josh and I have been married 10 years today! :) eeeekkkkk!!! So exciting! We’re actually somewhere warm and ALONE right now because I pre wrote this to publish while we are gone!

Honestly 10 years have flown by! It seems like a long time, but it hasn’t been for us. I love him more than ever right now. If you would have told me on our wedding day that in 10 years I would love him more, I would have told you you were nuts! ha.

We have a happy marriage. We just get along really well and rarely ever fight. It’s always been that way. We both constantly work to make sure the other one is happy. If we do happen to get into an argument,  we never leave it unresolved. We never go to bed mad or leave the house without the other one mad…especially when he is leaving for work!

Bottom line: We like to kiss and we like to make babies!

Yes I just said that. On my blog. Sorry Moms!!!!!!!

I love you LOVER LOVE! Thank you for loving me more than anything!

Now for some pics! Lots of pics! And I’m not sorry for the picture overload, more than 10 years of memories should have a lot of pics! :)

  Senior Prom…img424 img422

Wedding day…april6Shortly after Griffin was born…Yes, I had been run over by a truck!img420After Peyton was born…img423Pregnant with Reece and SICK AS A DOG…Picture 049 Picture 039Picture 079 Picture 086 Reece 004   DSC_0046  DSC_0083  Griffin’s preschool graduation…DSC_0464Look how tiny Reece was!



Griffin’s first day of Kindergarten…DSC_1499


Griffin’s Kindergarten Graduation…DSC_0175

Peyton’s Preschool Graduation…DSC_0090Peyton’s Kindergarten Graduation…DSC_0060  DSC_0329


DSC_1126IMG_0185IMG_0197IMG_0209Main Headerme and josh2me and josh3

And then we decided to get skinny!!!

DSC_0011DSC_0198    DSC_0361   DSC_0721  DSC_0331DSC_0838 DSC_0893 DSC_0961   DSC_1206 DSC_1208     DSC_2527       DSC_1351


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Jenna said...

Wait whatt?? You guys wer highschool sweethearts?! I didn't know this!! He looks just as happy as you are...makes my heart smile! And the kiddos are just presh!! Happy Anniversary girlfrand! ;) Hope you guys are having tons of fun in the sun!